How to clean a Jacuzzi Bathtub in 7 easy steps

How to clean a JacuzziLooking to relax after a long day, you go to the bathroom and decide its time to rev up that Jacuzzi and feel the jet stream slowly relax your back. You lock the door, and roll up your sleeves as the water slowly starts filling the tub, and you decide to try out the jet stream with your hands before going in.

First there’s nothing, then you hear a muffled pop and greyish green gunk starts floating on the surface. You start to think about your home insurance, and if it covers biohazard outbreaks. You do not understand, and then it dawns on you. You have never taken the time to figure out How to Clean a Jacuzzi bathtub.

This hasn’t been used in forever and the jets are a real paradise for mold and bacteria. So now the question is, How to Clean a Jacuzzi bathtub? It’s a lot easier than it sounds. Let us show you how.

1.-Let it fill all the way up.

Your first instinct when you see this grey-green stuff will be to drain it. Avoid doing so, instead let it fill up about 3 to 4 inches above the jets that are higher up

2.-Locate the air induction valve and deactivate it.

What this will do is make sure that there is only water coming out of the pipes. If your tub has instructions on How to Clean a Jacuzzi bathtub, you should follow them instead.

3.-Throw in some cleanser

We don’t mean literally throw, just add about a quarter of a cup of powdered dishwasher detergent to the tub. Try using a non-acidic action detergent, as acidic detergent might remove the sealant on the brass.

4.-Add half a cup of bleach*

*Please check with your manufacturer to see if bleach wont dry out the internal gaskets.

5.-Let those jets run

This is the hardest part in learning How to Clean a Jacuzzi bathtub. Set the highest pressure setting on the jets and leave them on for ten to fifteen minutes. This will probably get a lot of nasty looking stuff out of the pipes, which will also have a terrible odor. Just soldier on, were almost done. Better out in the open than inside your pipes.

6.-Drain, Jet, RepeatEnjoy a Clean Jacuzzi to Unwind and Relax

Now just drain the tub, clean the residue and fill it with cold water. Run the jets again for an extra 10 minutes to make sure all the residue is gone. Drain it again and clean up anything that might be left.

7.-Get ready to relax.

Fill up the Jacuzzi with warm water, step in, and let yourself go. You deserve it after a job well done.

Thank you for reading, share this with your friends and loved ones you think wouldn’t know How to Clean a Jacuzzi bathtub and be sure to make that Jacuzzi as relaxing and comfortable as you deserve it to be.


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How to Move a Heavy Safe

How to Move a Heavy Safe - Tips

If you are moving to a new home or office building you may be wondering How to Move a Heavy Safe without risking damage to property or injury to yourself or others. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work to figure out the best method of moving your safe:

1. Re-Evaluate Options
Huge safes cannot be taken lightly, and the best and safest option would be to let a professional moving company take care of moving the safe. If that is not an option due to budget or other reasons, you will have to use great care as you move the safe on your own.

2. Get the Right Equipment

Professional movers use dollies so you will need to do the same. Based on the weight and dimensions and the distance you are moving the safe, you will need a dolly or hand truck to move the safe.

3. Clothing And Footwear Considerations
Your clothing and footwear need to be right for the task at hand. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too baddy. You will also want footwear that protects your feet and gives you good traction as you walk. One of the key points to figuring out How to Move a Heavy Safe is to be safe while doing it.

4. Know Your Path

Remember that haste makes waste. Take time before you start to map out the path you are going to take once you start moving the safe. Look for things that might be in the way or any potential problem areas like tight corners, long hallways, or steps.

5. Protect the Travel Areas

Guard the path you are taking and do what you can to protect the floors and walls from scrapes and dings. If you are passing by other pieces of furniture, wrap them in blankets so they do not get damaged if something happens while moving the safe.

6. Consider Emptying The SafeMoving a Safe Correctly

How to Move a Heavy Safe can be made easier if you can empty the safe of heavy items and store things somewhere else while moving the safe. It will make the safe lighter and easier to handle. Whether you empty it or not, make sure the door is closed and locked and secured shut so ti does not swing open during transporting.

7. Secure On the Dolly

When you have the safe on the dolly, make sure it is properly secured and strapped down. The same goes for the hand trucks and other equipment you may be using. The safe needs to be secured so it will not tip over or slide off as you take corners and do up or down stairs.

With these tips in mind, you will be better prepared to figure out the best way to tackle the move and to figure out How to Move a Heavy Safe. Stay safe and be sure to get help when you need it!


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Home Insurance Terms

Learn Everything You Can About Home InsuranceWhen you are preparing to move into a new home or are looking at getting a new and better policy for your home, you will run into a slew of terms and jargon that might be confusing to you. Home Insurance Terms can pop up in conversations with agents, in the paperwork, and in any other communications. Knowing what these terms mean is vital if you are going to get the best plan possible.

  • Accident – An event that is unexpected and unforeseen that results in damage or loss.
  • Actual Cash Value – The ACV is the current value of items at the time they are damaged or lost.
  • Adjusted Basis – Depreciation and improvements that can be used to determine the value of the property.
  • Assessed Value – The value that your home is appraised at for tax purposes.
  • Betterment – This Home Insurance Terms refers to any changes made to property that increases its value.
  • Cash Value – This is the amount of money given when you decide cancel your coverage.
  • Common Areas – These are the areas of a property that are shared by all residents in the complex or home.
  • Deductible – The amount to be paid before the insurance company can be held liable for any damages.
  • Flood Insurance – Physical property damage is covered from flooding.
  • Hazard Insurance – Covers damage resulting from wind, fire, vandalism, and other hazards.
  • Lapse – If you do not pay the deductable or premiums, your Home Insurance Terms becomes void.Home Insurance Terms
  • Medical Payments Coverage – The insurance plan that covers medical expenses you are liable for.
  • Personal Liability Protection Coverage – Coverage that protects you and family members against lawsuits.
  • Property Damage – The loss or destruction of tangible property.
  • Public Adjuster – The person representing insurance policy holders during the process of filing a claim.
  • Replacement Cost – The amount needed to replace stolen, damaged, or lost items covered by insurance.
  • Surcharge – Added fees that come after having several claims that make you a high risk for companies.
  • Underwriter – The person who reviews and evaluates homeowner’s insurance policies and applications.

Know all the Home Insurance Terms

When you have a better understanding of the terms and jargon you run across on your policy and conversations, you can be better prepared for what happens. Knowing the common Home Insurance Terms can really make the process of getting insurance coverage for your home easier and less stressful!


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Moving a Senior to a Nursing Home

Moving a Senior to a Nursing HomeMoving a loved one into a nursing home is not an easy thing to do physically or emotionally. But there are some tips that can make Moving Into Nursing Homes easier for you and your loved one in terms of packing and the move itself.

The first thing to consider about why people go with the option of Moving Into Nursing Homes is because of the timing. Often times it is after an injury or medical emergency- a fall, surgery, or forgetting to take medications. Nursing homes and senior assisted living facilities offer your loved one a chance to have a good life and have people there who can look out for them. When you are thinking that a nursing home or similar living situation is needed you need to make sure you are moving them at the right time and to the right place.

Check out the amenities and features the nursing home has for residents and try to focus on the positive aspects of living there. This is especially helpful if your loved one is reluctant to comply with the move. Show them what the facility offers and ask the staff about things they have for residents to do:

  • Social events for residents- crafts, Christmas party, Sunday service, and such
  • Chance to meet fellow residents and play games, work on crafts, and other activities
  • Great layout for the facilities and amenities that are specially designed for elders
  • Highlight the importance of having 24/7 care available and not having to live alone
  • No worries about health, nutrition, medications, and exercise- it’s all taken care of
  • Weekly outings for shopping, trips, doctor visits, and other activities
  • Any other things that can make them more interested in Moving Into Nursing Homes

Nursing homes

When your senior loved one gets set up in their new room or apartment at the assisted living center, make sure they feel at home. Bring things from home and allow them to decorate and set the room up like they want as much as possible. Little things like that can help them feel like they are still in control of their life and make the adjustment easier. Moving Into Nursing Homes and assisted living facilities can be a challenge for you and your loved one but with a little bit of careful planning and thought it can be much easier and not as stressful.


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Great Cities to Move to

Great Cities to Move to like Atlanta GeorgiaThere are many factors that go into determining what city is the best for you and your family. However, three of the most common factors to consider are income, home prices, and home price growth. Schools and job markets also play an important role but they can fluctuate greatly year to year, whereas the other three factors tend to be steady and therefore a more accurate gage for a basic review of the city. So with that in mind, here are some Great Cities to Move To in the United States.


Atlanta, Georgia has some great amenities and venues that make it a great place for families as well as singles to who enjoy an active and entertaining life. Atlanta is one of the Great Cities to Move To and offers these great stats to interested residents.

  • Median income: $66,300
  • Median home price: $166,000
  • Home price growth forecast : 5.3%


When you consider Tampa, Florida as your new home city, you are choosing a city with plenty of action, good income bases, great home value, and a good potential for further growth and development.

  • Median income: $56,800
  • Median home price: $129,000
  • Home price growth forecast : 6.5%


Dallas | Best Cities in USA

Texas has many great cities, and Dallas is one of the best that you can consider in the state. The city has great income rates, high home value rates, and a modest home value growth rate. This is one of the Great Cities to Move To in Texas.

  • Median income: $69,000
  • Median home price: $208,000
  • Home price growth forecast : 4%


Phoenix, Arizona offers good homes, great city life, and plenty of opportunities for growth and development. This makes it one of the Great Cities to Move To if you are looking for decent homes, moderate prices, and a slight but steady growth rate.

  • Median income: $62,200
  • Median home price: $187,000
  • Home price growth forecast : 4.3%

SeattlePhoenix, Arizona

Washington State offers beautiful scenery and great life for families and singles, and Seattle is one of the best cities in the state. They have great income and growth rates and some of the best home values in the area.

  • Median income: $86,700
  • Median home price: $343,000
  • Home price growth forecast : 5.2%


The final city in the review is Denver, Colorado. This city also has great growth potential and good value for its residents. The location is great for further growth and it certainly deserves its spot on the list of Great Cities to Move To.

  • Median income: $77,800
  • Median home price: $263,000
  • Home price growth forecast : 2.7%


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Guide to Having a Good Relationship with a Roommate

Know How to Have a Good RoommateMany people wonder what it is like to have a roommate and wonder How to Have a Good Roommate relationship. Regardless of who are moving in with and who you are going to have as a roommate, you can pretty much guarantee there are to be disagreements along the way about a variety of things- temperature, foods, cleaning, and so on and so forth. Even two people, who are best friends and who typically get along just find will experience moments where they butt heads and argue about certain aspects of living together.

Set Ground Rules

How to have a good roommate? Before you and your roommate move in together, you must take the time to establish a list of ground rules. Make sure you think about issues that could easily become conflicts for you and the others sharing your space. Things like thermostat control, cleaning duties, grocery bills, bathroom usage, and such are common topics that roommates can disagree about. So make sure you and your roommates talk it over and come up with ground rules that you all can agree to and abide by.

Talk about future expectations

Consider what the near future may hold for you and each of your roommates. You may be planning on the rental being a long term thing but a roommate may see it as a temporary 6 month arrangement- something you both need to know going into the arrangement. Likewise a roommate may want to get married and chances are they will move out when that happens so you need to know when you may be losing a roommate and be looking for another one. Knowing what to expect going into the relationship of living together as roommates can make it much easier to have a good relations and to know how to have a good roommate.

Who pays for whatHaving a Good Relationship with Roommates Makes Things Easier

You and your roommates may have agreed to split the rent, but there other bills and expenses need to be considered. Also, there will need to be some arrangements as far as who will pay for groceries and how food will be divided up. Additionally, you need to remember other necessities like garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, and such that everyone uses but no one may want to buy with their own money. Work up an arrangement that works well for all members of the rental agreement and make sure everyone knows what his or her responsibilities are as far as payments and bills.

Always keep lines of communication open

For any roommate setup to work, all roommates must be able to talk to each other and feel comfortable talking about issues or problems that may come up. When there are problems, you have to be able to talk it out. When feelings are kept in, anger can build and that is where many issues arise. So keep the lines of communication open and keep everyone on the same page. This is a great way to answer the question of How to Have a Good Roommate relationship.


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Seattle local moving companies at your disposal

Do good research on Seattle local moving companies

Seattle local moving companiesIf you have made a moving expedition before, you will know how difficult it is to shift your goods to a new place. If you are planning to move to a new place soon, it is necessary that you make all your arrangements beforehand to avoid any kind of hassles on the day. First and foremost, you need to find out everything about Seattle local moving companies at your disposal.  Booking the movers in advance is required to make sure the movers are free on the day you need them. Thereafter you can list the services you need.

Once you do your research on the best Seattle local moving companies at your disposal, you will come across the Nice Guy Movers. With this company, two things will be assured to you in the shifting process-peace of mind and efficient services. The company takes care of all your moving needs and delivers their services without hassles. From packing the goods, to loading them in the moving truck and finally unloading them at your new place, Nice Guy Movers do it all.

Nice Guy Movers is one the best Seattle local moving companies at your disposal. They people are committed to giving you a stress free moving day, taking care of all your responsibilities. First and foremost, they will give you a thorough schedule for the moving process and ensure that none of the details are left out.  Completing change of address forms and changing school records are some of the important things one might leave out in a hurry. A good movers company will ensure that all of these are taken care of.

Seattle local moving companiesAnother feature of some of the best Seattle local moving companies at your disposal is the storage of goods. You might want to store your valuable items somewhere till you have completely settled down in your new locality. New Guy Movers will do the job for you. Storage units will keep the necessary items secure till you are able to move them.

Inexpensive Seattle local moving companies

It is also essential that you pay a reasonable price for the moving process. You might want to sit down with the movers and sketch out a full plan for the services you need, the schedule of moving and the cost. With a responsible and reliable moving company like Nice Guy Movers, you need to worry about the hassles that come with shifting to a new place.

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Seattle best local movers: How to find them?

Here you can find Seattle best local movers

Seattle best local moversMoving out is considered as a hard-to-do task and it is something which we need to experience at least once. The excitement of moving to a new house mixed with the tension of overlooking and forgetting some of the stuffs makes one heck of an experience for us indeed. Amongst the Seattle best local movers, there is a name that strikes me- Nice Guy Movers. As the name it-self convey the message. It always strives to deliver the finest of moving services to its clone of customers. With this moving company, you can forget the common presumption that moving is always a headache and can look forward to a move that will be nothing but pleasant and enjoyable making you ready to settle down at your new residence with much needed peace and calmness of mind.

Now as we are aware that Seattle lies in one of the finest and grandest place in this world- Washington, there have to be an array of choices in cases of moving and packaging. It might seem of me to be biased to a single name but I have reasons to suffice to my choice. Seattle best local movers are many as claimed by almost all of them but you need to be choosy and careful while offering the job to one. How to find a reliable mover company is the question here. Well, Internt is the answer. You need to check out the official websites of a few mover companies and go through their stream of services they claim to offer.  More importantly, go through the reviews and articles posted in there. People who have availed the services shall speak about it in a better way than what the representatives might claim.

Full service Seattle best local movers

Seattle best local moversIn this case I would like to help you with one of the Seattle best local movers- Nice Guy Movers. The services offered here are quite genuine and you can rely upon these people as they are experts and make the job much easier than what you presume about it. Customers here can avail free moving quotes which will help them to get the exact estimate and prepare their budget accordingly which is the most important factor. Apart from the regular moving services, this movers company also offers valuable tips and guidance with the aim of making your relocation a successful one.

Hence amongst the Seattle best local movers, this particular one stands out to be a good choice for me.

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Seattle interstate movers for your convenience

Top-level Seattle interstate movers at your service

Seattle interstate movers

Nice Guy Movers is a very responsible as well as convenient moving company. They have always been trustable enough for any types of interstate movement through Seattle. Seattle interstate movers are very efficient and just not involve themselves in loading and unloading goods from one place to another. They provide the maximum assistance in packing, loading and unloading items. Nice Guy Movers provide the maximum expediency through offsite storing and packing of goods.

Nice Guy Movers work under complete authentication
The Seattle interstate movers are very efficient and they work for the eminence and the accuracy which the customers are definitely going to love it. The team members are very efficient and work under the legal laws making way to breaking no rules. The complete authentication is kept under the insurance of your goods. The moving work is done under complete license.

The employees make sure the whole moving of items and goods are kept under the law of insurance, so any damage is wholly insured by this company.

Seattle interstate moversClients trust us with total believe and understanding
The Nice Guy Movers is always present for its existing clients; that is the reason the clients cannot leave this exclusive company. The Nice Guy Movers employees are very much eligible for the Seattle interstate movers and make sure the clients totally understand and believe their ways of moving goods. The new clients have the full freedom to gain access the website and get hold of any new coupons and offers for their movement benefits.

Nice Guy Seattle interstate movers are always present among its members

Nice Guy Movers is always present for any types of locating and relocating situation. They make sure the clients receive total assistance wherever they are locating in the country. The Seattle interstate movers co-coordinators make sure the work is done with complete planning and modernized progress. They guide through the whole movement progress and act as the connective line in interstate moving of goods.

New Guy Movers is a very influential moving company
The New Guy Movers is a very well-organized company which always provides Seattle interstate movers with time and make sure the whole relocation happens within time and under budget. Nice Guy Movers is always present to make sure the whole Seattle interstate moving takes place professionally as they are filled with enough resources to influence the whole movement in a very smooth manner.

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Seattle Business Movers are Truly Professional

Reputable Seattle Business Movers Are Here

Seattle Business MoversRelocating your business or making arrangements to move into new offices or working environments can quickly become a major ordeal, especially for businesses that lack access to the professional resources needed to ensure a smoother and more successful move. Working with Seattle business movers able to provide a full service move, a more competitive price as well as the flexible scheduling options needed to better meet your needs is essential. When it comes to relocating your business, it pays to make your arrangements with the best.

Full Service Moves Offer a More Convenient Solution
Tasking your existing staff with handling your move or making your arrangements with the wrong service could end up costing you more than you might realize. Putting your employees at risk of an injury, being unable to ensure your relocation will be swift and successful one or putting your equipment and resources at risk of being damaged in the process are never matters that should be left to chance. Working with Seattle business movers able to ensure superior results will provide you with a superior solution.

Selecting a Quality Moving Service Will Ensure Quality Results
The equipment and other resources that you depend on during the course of your everyday operations can be of paramount importance. Seattle business movers that will ensure the safe and professional handling of your resources offer you a better way to protect your resources during any move or relocation. Having to repair or replace any items that were lost or damaged during the course of your move may not be an expense that your business is equipped to handle. Working with the quality movers that have the experience and resources needed to provide professional results will ensure that your business in good hands.

Seattle business moversConvenient Scheduling for an Easier Move
Any interruption to your business’s day to day operations can quickly become a major issue. Suffering through a lengthy delay when attempting to relocate your business, can quickly become a very serious issue. Seattle business movers that can provide you with prompt and professional results will ensure that your business is able to resume daily operations as quickly as possible, minimizing the level of disruption that may be experienced.

Making Your Arrangements with the Best Seattle Business Movers

Relying on the best Seattle business movers to assist you in ensuring your upcoming more or planned relocation can be handled as successful as possible can make a considerable difference. Professional results will ensure that your move is able to be complete as successfully as possible. Protecting your business’s assets and making arrangements that will provide you with greater convenience, value and the means to minimize the disruption of relocating your staff to a new working environment are never concerns that should be overlooked.

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